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The typewriters

In the nineteenth century had already been expanded work in offices and the use of dependents and holders of books on desks. All documents were made in handwritten form, so that some correspondence chain, for many recipients was slow and tedious task, and supplies a great deal of time to scribe. But much more was needed to continue to grow in the business world. In the year 1874 is introduced into the work of offices, the Remington typewriter with the so-called QWERTY keyboard, which was designed by typographer U.S.
Latha Scholes in 1873 (who previously had invented a machine to print the numbers and from there develops his model, managed to make some thirty different copies, but failed the mechanical part as well as being enormous, aspects that settled the Remington factory to acquire the rights), and he had alienated among themselves over the letters used in English to give faster the typing. The carriage return was the top role until the next line.
It was in 1876 when the industrial Philo Remington began selling the typewriters with his name, having bought the patent machines Scholes, Glidden and Soule, and having adapted, achieving a smaller and easier to handle. Then, late in the twentieth century were moving up the electric typewriter with artificial memory. The emergence of the copier, the recorder, fax, computer, simplifying and speeding were increasingly such tasks. The typewriter, starting in 1874 is industrially produced, and easy handling allowed the entry of women into office work. In the modern world managed to be a factor of liberating women from working class and a half, making obtaining some family and economic independence. He offered a resource and simultaneously contributed more to the personal independence that campaigns of equal social rights. Although both took a while, almost at the dawn of the twentieth century, so that offices were populated by women employed clerks.
It was one of the most useful and essential in the modern office of the twentieth century, until the last decade that was totally displaced by the computer.

My favorite day is december twenty fourth.

My favorite day is december twenty fourth, because in chistmas averybody are happi an my family share together my grandmother , and Ilike to eat hayacas and jamon and others special food for the chistmas in this day borth niño Jesús and this avent is very important for me so I am catolic.


My mother always say me what have I do and how to wear! She think that .
I am a baby and I cant to take myself decisións

Sometmes my mother nag about me so she doesnt like my friend and her appearance but I said to my mother that is not crazy like ar still is the fashion .

My family sard that the feensyears have bad behaviors.

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2 large eggs3/4 cup milk1/2 cup water1 cup flour3 tablespoons melted butter1/4 tsp saltFilling:Thinly sliced Serrano ham (you could also use prosciutto)thinly sliced cantaloupecut up brie.Whirr all this up in a blender, pulsing for about 10-15 seconds until combined. Refrigerate and let rest for one hour. This batter makes about 20 or so small 7 inch crepes.

Step 1:
Put a little butter in a small nonstick skillet on medium heat. When warm, ladle about 1 oz of batter into the pan, swirling around (note that the first one always comes out a little funny, so make it and eat it, or toss it). When it?s ready to flip (usually about 30-60 seconds), it will be dry on top and crinkly around the edges. Use a rubber spatula to peek if necessary, when it gets close to being ready to flip it will release from the pan. Here?s a blurry pic of one almost ready to flip.

Step 2:
Once you flip, the other side will only take about a minute, so put your toppings on half of the crepe, like an omelet.

Step 3:
When done, fold and serve.

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Love in roller blade Dagmary

A sunny day.
The litte boy is in the beach . Hé´s on vacations. he is playing with the sand in the afternoon. he´s in villa marina beach. he´s 7 years old. he´s wearing a cap, t-shiet and shorts. the water is cold and the weather is hot and sunny. he´s walking and enjoying the sunny morning